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augmented reality

Augmented reality is a technology which allows to superpose virtual elements in real life. The principle is to combine the virtual to the real to enrich the reality with additional information.

Theses elements can be photos, videos, redirected links or 3D objects. This technology can be read only with a smartphone / tablet. 
Augmented Reality is not a recent technology. Indeed, the first augmented reality system was created by Ivan Sutherland in 1968, during research at Boston University.

Its creation is a helmet with transparent vision, and despite the technological limitations of the time, it allows six degrees of freedom. Through the lens of the headphone, it is possible to see a cube in 3D thanks to a system of re-calculation of the angle of view and the image that follows the user’s head movements. Augmented reality was born.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality allow you to transform the environment in which stands the user.

Augmented Reality superimposed virtual elements to the real life environment, when Virtual Reality proposes to the user to be completely immersed into a virtual world.

Unlike Augmented Reality, which is accessible with a smartphone / tablet, it is necessary to have a VR helmet to use virtual reality. The user is immersed into a different world compared to the one in which it really is.
QR-code and augmented reality are often confused. These two image recognition techniques are used to enrich media in information.

QR-code, less esthetic, only allows to redirect the user on an only one interaction.

Augmented reality can redirect the user to several elements and goes even further, thanks to the superposition between the virtual and the real. The possibilities are much more numerous (photos, videos, 3D animations, re-directional buttons). It also allows the content of the support to be updated without any restriction.
Augmented reality is used in several sectors:

Video games: Pokemon-Go is the most frequent example used. Its release in 2016 was a worldwide phenomenon. This game is considered the pioneer of augmented reality apps. Augmented Reality Games is not a recent thing (Eye Tou, Play Mozzle in 2003 ...). Today, more than ever, the augmented reality is frequently used in the video games area.

Fashion: to facilitate the try of clothes, glasses, make up, etc... This technology is ideal for a future customer.

Medical: used as a mean of training, for simulations of surgical operations, in particular, augmented reality is more and more present in hospitals

Industry: widely used in the automotive, naval and aeronautical industries for manufacturing and maintenance.

Tourism: to bring several additional information in a museum or monuments.

Publishing and press: more and more acclaimed by professional people of marketing and communication, the Augmented Reality is an excellent way to dynamize a brand image, to collect data and bring traffic. Paper is also combined with the power of digital and offers almost endless possibilities.

ARGOPLAY (EX-Snappress)

ARGOplay (ex-SnapPress) sells a license that give us the right to create augmented reality animations. We bought it at the beginning of our adventure.
ARGOplay (ex-SnapPress) is available on iOs (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play). With more than 400.000 uploading, it is the 1st application in the field of augmented reality in France.
Disney, Prisma Media, Axa, Thalès, Pôle Emploi, E. Leclerc, Crédit Agricole, HP, Clarins, Capital, Voici Le Mag... and many more!


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